Krishi Vigyan Kendra Ribhoi Meghalaya
Priority Thrust Areas
Major Farming Systems
Agro-climatic Zone
Major Agro Ecological Situations
On Farm Trials
Front Line Demonstration
Other Extension Activities
Training Needs


  1. Production technology for Kharif Cereals (Paddy, Maize),
  2. Oilseeds (Groundnut, Soybean) and Pulses (Blackgram, cowpea)
  3. Organic farming through Vermicomposting and green manuring
  4. Intercropping (Groundnut+Soybean, Maize+Soybean, Maize+Cowpea) and double cropping of Rice


  1. Orchard Management in Citrus
  2. Production technology of Rhizomatous crops (Turmeric, ginger)
  3. Nursery raising for winter vegetables
  4. Protected cultivation of vegetables/flowers
  5. Value addition of crops like tomato, capsicum, broccoli, cauliflower through cultivation of early varieties

Soil and Water Conservation

  1. Soil conservation promotion activities
  2. Imparting knowledge and understanding on rainwater harvesting.
  3. Natural resource management.

Capacity Building of Self Help Group

  1. Formation and mobilization of SHG’s
  2. Maintenance of basic records
  3. Post harvest and marketing of farm produce.
  4. Fruit processing & Preservation (Mainly locally available fruits)
  5. Planning & implementation of income generating projects
  6. Production of organic inputs
  7. Production of quality animal products

Plant protection

  1. Controlling soft rot of ginger through Integrated disease management
  2. Safe use of fungicides and insecticides
  3. Control of blast disease in Rice through Beam/ Bavistin fungicides
  4. Control of stem borer in Maize through Furadon granules
  5. Control of Tikka disease in groundnut through Dithane M-45 (Mancozeb)
  6. Control of Stem fly of Soybean through Furadon granules

Animal Science

  1. Improved management practices for piggery, poultry, diary & Goatery
  2. Disease management and health care of pig, poultry, cattle and goat
  3. Scientific feeding practices of pig, cattle, poultry and goat
  4. Livestock based integrated farming system
  5. Reproductive management and AI of pig and cattle

Home science

  1. Preservation of fruits
  2. Kitchen gardening/nutritional gardening
  3. Preparation of low cost diet for the infants
  4. Rural crafts
  5. Women & child care
  6. Gender mainstreaming through women self help groups
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